Welcome to
Angry Troll Brewing.

Hey there. And thanks for stopping by. We’re Elkin’s homegrown local craft brewery and restaurant located within a renovated historic Main Street warehouse. We were founded by a troll after the bridge he called home was demolished. But as he quickly pointed out — when life tears down your bridge, you start a brewery. What emerged has become a special place in the hearts of Elkin residents who love our wood-fired pizza, wings, and pub fare. Allow us to bring you a great downtown experience of warm community, awesome food, and delicious craft beer!


Our heart and soul is beer. Truth be told, we owe it all to the troll. His bridge gets leveled, so he’s suddenly got nothing but time. And a bit of anger. Today he inspires our brewing specialists to make craft beer that everyone can enjoy. But, wait…is it beer  made with locally sourced ingredients that ensure a refreshing taste? You betcha. Read more below to learn more about what our brewers have up their sleeves.


If it were up to the angry troll himself, our brewery would sit atop some magical double deck drawbridge fit for a troll king. But our smoldering troll has moved past his bridge phase. So today, in the basement of a former warehouse, Angry Troll houses a brewery and a taproom.


Home of all of our special events, you’ll find trivia night, beer classes, and more, all happening in this bustling space. It’s also conveniently located next to our epic outdoor patio and arcade.


Have beer, will travel. Yes, Angry Troll Brewing has its very own beer van for public or private events.

We also offer custom brewing sessions which will get you inches closer to fame as you commemorate any event with a one-of-a-kind beer created by you.

What’s on Tap?

We wear our heart on our beer taps. Craft beer is our passion, which is why the troll demands we bring the best tasting brews to the good people of Elkin.